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Tips: fun books for a creative Christmas gift

Are you looking for a gift for your creative girlfriend, cousin or colleague? Or do you want to buy yourself something for under the Christmas tree? I have some book tips for you! These books are suitable for creatives who just started out and for those who’ve been creative for a little while now. The books described in this blog are in Dutch, but especially the newest books contain mostly pictures - so you can get plenty of inspiration from them!

Schetsboek Comic Book Clairefontaine promarkers

I don't know about you, but I *heart* books. Especially if they’re beautiful books about creativity: my collection doesn't fit in my bookcase anymore. The books I review in this blog are by Carla Kamphuis and Karin Luttenberg from Paperfuel. Two very talented creative entrepreneurs, whom I can also call my colleagues. Yes, we all work for ourselves, but I always call co-entrepreneurs colleagues :-). I bought their first books myself back in the day, they gave me their latest books as a gift to write this review for you!

To start: ‘Handlettering: this is how you do it’

One of the books I most often mention when people ask: 'Do you have tips for books on handlettering?’ What I find so nice and recognizable about Karin's style (besides her love for black and white) is that she combines many different fonts. Yet the result is always cohesive. This first book contains a lot of different letters, step-by-step explanation and examples of handlettering projects to draw yourself. It’s very accessible and perfect if you're just starting out with handlettering.

Handlettering doe je zo’ - € 14,99 at

Packed with inspiration: ‘Dare to Doodle XXL’

Sometimes we turn drawing into something way too big and complicated. ‘It’s difficult', 'It takes too much time' or 'I can't draw'. Get rid of those excuses! You just have to start and the easiest way is...doodling! The new book ‘Dare to Doodle’ truly is XXL. It has 160 pages full of little illustrations that you can draw in your own sketchbook. This makes the book also very inspiring for people who have been drawing for some time. Now you can never say 'that you don't know what to draw' again.

I was really impressed by the work Karin put into this book. The illustrations are divided over more than 20 themes, there are step-by-step examples in the book and at the back you'll find a register in alphabetical order. Handy if you're looking for a specific doodle.

By the way, did you know that it has been scientifically proven that you can listen much better when you're doodling in the meantime? So grab your fineliner during your next lecture or Zoom meeting and start doodling!

Would you like to apply your doodle lesson in real life right away? Then I can also recommend the Dare to Doodle card & label set. Together with her book Karin sent me this beautiful box with 5 envelopes, 40 gift labels, 40 blank cards and neon elastic. Everything you need to send all your friends and family self-made cards from now on. This package is again typical Karin. Everything looks equally fun in her playful style.

Book ‘Dare to Doodle XXL - € 14,99 at

The next step: ‘Color! Brushlettering for everyone'

I sometimes jokingly call Carla the queen of brushlettering. But she really is! I don't know anyone else who can get so many different styles out of her brushpen.

I really recommend Carla's first book for someone who is already doing handlettering and is ready for a new challenge. In this book Carla explains the basic technique of brushlettering very clearly. Of course there are also many nice examples in this book and you get tips on color, blending, composition, shadows and other fun extras. Plus you can also buy various worksbooks with it.

Inspiration for all levels: 'Alphabet! Brush lettering for everyone'

In her latest book Carla really shows how divers brushlettering is. She puts so many different styles onto paper! I had already forgotten how much I liked brushlettering. While my creative adventure started with brushlettering 5 years ago. I was practicing in my sketchbook all the time. Nowadays when I'm holding a brushpen I often stick to the same style.

When I got Carla's latest book, it immediately started itching to get my brushpens out again. All the examples from Carla's book are very inspiring. From clean to playful, from modern to romantic 'flourishing'. She first explains the basics briefly and shows some nice special effects. Then there are more than 15 different alphabets, but that's just the beginning...

After that you'll find spreads (double page) full of variations on each letter in the alphabet. So are you looking for a nice / different / nicer way to draw a 'K' for example? Carla drew more than 80 options! Yes, I counted them ;-)

Don't you think that's enough? Then scan the QR code that you’ll find on several pages, with which you can watch additional tutorial videos of Carla online.

In short: this book is fun for beginners, but because of all those examples, it is also highly recommended for the experienced brushlettering artist.

I'm curious: which book is on your wish list or perhaps already in your bookcase? Do you have any other nice tips? Let me know in the comments!

PS The links in this article are affiliate links. Are you planning on buying on of the books? It would really help me if you order using these links! It won’t cost you anything extra, but I’ll earn a small percentage of the purchase. Which will help me writing more of these blogs for you :-) Thank you so much!

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