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Are you a stationery lover too?

Together with Vaessen Creative I developed a new line of stationery products! All products revolve around creativity, but also help you to get organized. Because the better organized your workspace is, the more time and space you have to create. That’s why the motto of this collection

is Dream, plan, do. You can read more about the creation of the collection in this interview (in Dutch). 

The products are currently available at the following shops:

Which products will you put on your wishlist?

  • A beautiful flat-lay bound sketchbook with 3 types of paper. This has been highly requested: finally one place for all your favorite materials! The sketchbook contains:

    • 200 gsm mixed media paper for materials like colored pencils, fineliners & paint like gouache

    • 300 gsm watercolor paper with a texture

    • 240 gsm smooth bristol paper, which you can use for alcohol markers as well as other pens and markers​​

  • A new Planner Journal: the perfect mix between a bullet journal and a planner. There's lots of space for your own creativity on 100gsm dot grid paper. Think of journaling, doodling, habit trackers or anything that comes to mind. But also with a regular set up of monthly- and weekly pages, to have a better overview of your year. The planner is undated, so you can start using it whenever you want to.

NienkeVletter_planner journal_cover.jpeg

  • Let's add some beautiful basics to this: a set of rosé gold stationery items like binder clips in different sizes, a beautiful brass 15 cm ruler and uniquely shaped paper clips. Everyone can use a little extra shimmer on their desk right? 

  • Of course a stationery line wouldn't be complete without sticker sheets. I hand drew all the sticker designs, to be used in your bullet journal, planner, on your sketchbook, make cards or use for other creative projects.

  • A newly developed 3-in-1 corner punch to make labels, tabs and so much more. Perfect for organizing your planner or sketchbook! You can use the punch to make rounded and angled corners, arrow tabs or banners and (my personal favorite) bookmarks or tabs for your sketchbooks or journal.

  • With this punch you can get an accompanying label block with my favorite colors and patterns. The labels are cut in 3 different sizes.The smallest label has the perfect size for creating those arrow tabs or banners. The other 2 sizes are great for different creative projects. The block has 5 different colors and 5 different patterns. 

  • We also added a collection of A4 cardstock paper in
    10 different colors, to use for creative products like collaging and card making. The back of the paper is smooth, the front of the paper has a beautiful texture.

  • A paper cutter with a scoring tool, which means you can easily cut or fold your paper. This is one of those items that once you have it on your desk, you can't do without anymore! I actually use it almost daily.


Tutorial: how to use the 3-in-1 corner punch (Nederlands)

Heb jij de pons en/of het label block? In onderstaande video laat ik je zien hoe je deze kan gebruiken!


New products in development in 2023

  • We also developed a unique Journal Tool. You use this tool to make circles, and easily add lines to create habit trackers, charts, color wheels and more. The bottom part is a ruler, but can also be used to make labels, banners and easily create checkmarks, hexagons, triangles, squares and lines in your sketchbook or journal. Perfect for keeping track of your daily to do’s! 

  • We’re working on a pen(cil) case to carry all your favorite art materials with you all the time. Big enough to also fit a small A6 sketchbook or watercolor set. With compartments for better organizing your markers and an extra pocket in the front for small items like your eraser or pencil sharpener. 

DIY: Creative inspiration box

Use the Cardstock paper, Paper cutter and 3-in-1 punch to make a little box of creative inspiration cards! You can download the free template here and see the step-by step instructions in this video and here (pictures and text).

Nienke Vletter x Vaessen_DIY_inspiration cards.jpg
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