Murals & chalkboards

The advantages of mural for your company?

A handdrawn mural is not only a decorative item in your organization, restaurant or shop. It is a way of communicating core values, show history or promote the products and services your company offers. 

Do you want a professional mural?

Prices start at 1.500-2.000 euro for a single wall and go up depending on the size, location, surface and content of the mural.

Let's work together!

E-mail the following information and I will get back to you within a few days:


  • The size, location and surface of the wall(s)

  • The content you want on the wall(s)

  • Inspiration pictures for the desired style

  • Pictures of the wall(s) and it's surroundings

  • A little background on your company

  • Deadlines and budget indication

  • Your contact information