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Support your favorite artist (including me ;) on Patreon

It’s time for a little celebration, because I launched a Patreon account! For some of you this might be familiar, maybe you already support artists there. Is Patreon completely new to you? I’ll break down the how, what and why in this blog for you.

Start an affair with your creativity Patreon Nienke Vletter

First of all: what is Patreon?

Simply put: Patreon is an online platform, where you support artists you like with a small monthly fee (or even for free!). In return you get access to exclusive content. I personally have been supporting several fellow artists this way over the last years. It’s a great way to connect more personally and learn more about their creative process.

Sketchbook Patreon Nienke Vletter

So why did I start a Patreon account? First of all I want to build a community next to Instagram. Instagram is the main media where I share my work. I still really enjoy it, but a) it takes up a lot of time and b) it feels risky to rely solely on one platform. Plus Instagram is dictating the rules of what content works best (like Reels over posts with pictures). That's why I enjoy sharing a bi-monthly newsletter and writing these blogs. I can share much more in depth information and connect with you in a way that best suits me, instead of what an algorithm prefers ;-)

Secondly I want a place that offers both you and me more possibilities for interacting, sharing inspiration and tips. Simply and honestly put? It’s not sustainable anymore to share all the tips, art process and knowledge on social media without an income to (at least partly) cover the time it takes. I know many of you enjoy seeing the process that goes into drawing and painting. And to also get the tools and inspiration to create yourselves. And I want to be able to dedicate more time to that! Every time I spend dedicated time on developing my skills, I see how much I grow. Which means I’ll have more creative knowledge to teach to you as well!

“Why would I support you?” If you enjoy what I share online, supporting me on Patreon is a great way to share your appreciation. But of course you get a lot in return! I know how much we all enjoy spending time on creativity. But there are also many reasons we don’t do it as much as we’d like to. I hope that my Patreon account will be that nudge you need to feel more confident about drawing or painting. To give you the tools to grow your creative skills. To give you even better advice about art supplies. Plus: to inspire and stimulate each other to draw more!

“What do I get in return?” Depending on the level you decide to join, you get things like insights behind the scenes, sketchbook pages, step by step pictures, timelapse or process videos, Q&A video’s, creative inspiration, book tips, giveaways, live Zoom sessions and even discounts in my favorite webshops and on my online courses.

“So how does it work and what does it cost to become a Patreon?” On Patreon you choose the level (called ‘tiers’) you want to. I created different levels on which you can support me. Become a 'regular' member and it won’t cost you a thing! Want more? You can do so for €7.50 and €14.50 a/month (plus btw / VAT taxes applicable in your country). With each level you get more perks, including the things from the lower tiers. As soon as your payment is done, you get access to all the content for that tier. Good to know: because Patreon is an American based company, you unfortunately can't pay with iDeal. But you can pay using your creditcard, Apply Pay or with PayPal (you don't need a creditcard for PayPal, in several countries you can make a PayPal account with your bank account).

Tiers Patreon Nienke Vletter

“What do the different tiers / levels look like?” I recorded a few stories on IG to give you a first glimpse. Also check out my Patreon page for an in depth description of the different levels. As soon as you join you get access to all the posts and updates for that tier, also the ones from before!

Update: the benefits of the €3 tier is replaced by a free option. Join Patreon for free and you get access to an update every other week, with behind-the-scenes photos, first updates on new workshops and occasional extra creative inspiration.

“Can I join anytime?” Yes you can! You can become a Patreon every day of the month. You will be charged the amount for the level you choose when you join and then recurring on that same date every new month.

“Can I cancel or change my subscription anytime?” Absolutely, whenever you want to! After canceling, your subscription will stop before your next payment. You could also choose to downgrade to a lower tier (if you still want to support me, but have less time or financial means that month). You can also upgrade to a higher level whenever you want to.

Brushes Patreon Nienke Vletter

“Will you share less stuff on other platforms now?” No, not really. Actually, I hope Patreon will allow me to share more! I will still write a bi-monthly newsletter (new Patreons get subscribed to the list too). I will still post and share stories on Instagram. But I do hope over time Patreon will offer enough income to spend even more time on making valuable content. More sketchbook pages to share, more tutorials to show you and for instance writing more in depth blogs, because they take a lot of time. “I already see what you make on Instagram. Why should I become a Patreon?” As a Patreon you always get extra’s! For example: when I share a sketchbook page on Instagram, as a Patreon you might also get the step by step progress pictures or a timelapse video. Or a flip through of a book tip I share instead of just the cover and the title. Of course there are also things like the Q&A videos where I answer questions and the top tiers get a monthly live Zoom session and a monthly giveaway!

“Sounds good, I’m in!” I would be thrilled if you decide to join me on Patreon.

Do you have any more questions about Patreon?

Feel free to send me an email or drop by in my DM’s!

The pictures in this blog are taken by @brandedby_hetschetsmeisje

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