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Review Archer & Olive sketchbook: (almost) everything a great sketchbook should have.

Are you a sucker for beautiful sketchbooks and journals, just like me? Then you might get why I made a little happy dance when the webshop Splendith asked me to review an Archer & Olive sketchbook! In this review I’m gonna tell you if this sketchbook is worth the happy dance.

When the sketchbook arrived on my doorstep, I got a little more excited. First: that gorgeous linen cover with golden foil stamp. Secondly: all the other handy things a great sketchbooks should have. An elastic band? Check! A penholder, 2 ribbons and lots of pages? Check, check, check. And does it lay perfectly flat when opened? Absolutely. That’s definitely a must in my (sketch;)book!

It’s all in the details paper Check-all-the-boxes so far! But the most important part of a sketchbook will always be the paper. The Archer & Olive sketchbook has white pages (which I prefer) that are fairly smooth. And above all, the paper is thicker than average with 160gsm. To give you an idea: most bulletjournals have 80 to 100 gsm paper, mixed media or watercolor paper often is 200 - 300 gsm.

To ghost or not to ghost

Time to put this baby to the test and grab some pens. Archer & Olive promises no ‘ghosting’. Which means most fineliners, markers and felt tip pens won’t be visible or bleed through on the other side. And yes, that’s 100% correct. Even my black brushpen doesn’t show on the other page.

The limit of the Archer and Olive paper

After my pencils and pastels also worked well on this paper, I was excited to take out my watercolors. But that’s where you’ll hit the limit of this paper. Yes, it does hold a little bit of watercolor. But only if you work with as little water as possible and don’t work in multiple layer. The paper will crumble pretty fast and your paint will look smudgy.

The same goes for liquid watercolor(markers) like Ecoline and other ‘wet’ mediums like ink. This paper just isn’t suitable for those materials. Luckily it can handle thicker paints like (acryla) gouache, but once again: don’t use too much water when you do.

Does this sketchbook make us happy?

Everything combined, this makes an absolutely great sketchbook for working with fineliners, markers, pencils, pastels and some occasional paint. And do you like to draw in you bulletjournal? Then this will also make you a happy camper: the Archer & Olive journals have the same 160 gsm paper! Happy dance again.

Have you already tried an Archer & Olive sketchbook? Let me know in the comments what you think of it!

P.S. Do you prefer a ‘mixed media’ or watercolor sketchbook? I highly recommend the Mossery or Hahnemuhle sketchbooks.

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