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Hi, I'm Nienke.

Illustrator, workshop teacher

and creative influencer.

Always drawing 

As an illustrator I get inspired by the city and its people. I always have a sketchbook and pencil in my bag, so I can draw anywhere in the city. I love drawing the diversity of people and the little stories that I see every day. When I'm not on the road, you can usually find me in my studio full of art materials, preferably sorted by color. 

Want to learn how to draw?

Besides making my own creative work, I give (online) workshops on various topics. Like drawing people, urban sketching and sketch journaling. During these workshops I share all my tips & tricks with you and make you just as enthusiastic to get creative yourself!

I can’t draw” doesn’t exist in my book: I’m here to give you the tools the getting started and keep on practicing!

"I’ve wanted to draw portraits for so long, but I was really dreading this! Can I really do this? Nienke has helped me get over this fear. Thanks to her clear instructions it is suddenly not so scary anymore!”


Want to work together?

I regularly work as an ambassador for brands like Winsor&Newton, Tombow, Royal Talens, Ohuhu & edding, as well as affiliate collaboration with several creative webshops. As a creative influencer I share my knowledge on Instagram and host workshops, tutorials or demonstrations on events. I also write a monthly blog & newsletter where I share my nerdy insights about materials and life as an illustrator.

"Nienke has the skills the get the creativity out of people. She inspires, is enthusiastic and is also a very nice person to work with." - edding Benelux


Want to see more?

Check out my Instagram, where you will find sketches, behind the scenes and daily updates in my stories.

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